home security

How to Make Your Home Safe

It’s never a lie that your home is the only place where you can feel safe. There are plenty of doors and windows to keep you away from sudden home intrusions. Even with the doors and windows, many homes have suffered break-ins that have resulted in the loss of life and property. So how can one be sure that they are safe in their homes? 

Safety around the home should be everyone’s priority, you can have your eyes and ears on the lookout, but in your absence the home becomes vulnerable. In this article we shall look at six proven ways to keep your home safe and not worry about break-ins even in your absence.

Have Ample Lights

home lightingSecurity lights are often placed outside a home to ward off any burglars. Most are placed in the front and back door and on the balcony area. During the night, you can also leave a light on within the home. This light shows any potential burglars that there is someone awake. Thus, the chances of a home intrusion are reduced.

Plan Your Vacations with Vigilance

Just a piece of advice, your entire neighborhood doesn’t need to know when you are going on vacation. Don’t leave any leads such as vacation flyers, receipts, or magazines lying around for everyone to see. You must also inform your landlord and the person in charge of your premises on your vacation dates and how long you intend to stay away.

Hide Your Valuables 

If you own expensive property within your home then you really need to tighten its security. Jewelry should be kept in safety boxes and the property can be put in places within the home that are safe and secure from any break-ins.

Check for Security Improvements

Security improvements should be a number one priority at all times especially if you plan on moving into a new house. Check on the ceiling for any weak points, your doors and windows should also be improved and locks reinforced.

Know Your Neighbors and Friends Well

houseYour neighbors can be your eyes and ears while away, but they can also act as leads to burglars. Friends also are an aspect to be wary of. Unless you know a neighbor or friend too well, there’s no need to invite them into your home. Ensure that you only allow trusted people into your home, and if you must, do inform your landlord or caretaker of any visitors.

Check Your Locks

Sometimes, in the event of an unsuccessful break-in, the locks may remain tampered with. These locks, if not fixed, can leave your home vulnerable to another break-in. Keep all locks in good condition at all times and for the front and back door, use an extra secure lock.